Welcome to my Webpage

I am currently a Developer and Quality Engineer for Verizon and a Software Engineer for Tata Consultancy Services. I am also a graduate student at City College of New York pursuing a Masters of Science in Computer Science.

Interested in what I do at Verizon?

As a Backend Java Developer I work on Verizon Wireline's Nautilus application programming interface, the one API to rule them all. The Nautilus API is the face of wireline and consumes all other apis to build, provision, and maintain the network. Some of the technology we utilize is: Spring boot, Java Persistence API(JPA), SQL, Oracle Database, Red Hat Process Automation Manager, Jenkins, Qtest, and many more.

My Goals?

My Goal is to build things that change the way the world works not only for humans, but for plants and animals.

“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” - Alan Turing the "Grandfather of Modern Computer Science"